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Money abundance seems to be harder to acquire for some than for others.  Unless you are born into a family of great wealth, a life of money abundance can be difficult to attain. In this article you will find 8 Ways to a Life of Money Abundance to get you started on your path toward prosperity.

It takes a firm conviction and a lot of hard work to enjoy a life of money abundance.  First, is your decision to become wealthy. Next you must get rid of a toxic, poverty mentality that tells you things like “rich people are greedy”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you can’t be rich and please God” or “you’ll never be rich.”

Of course you’ll always need a good dose of the four magic P’s. No, I didn’t say Jack and the Beanstalk “magic peas” LOL. The four P’s I refer to are– you must be persistent and fuel your persistence with passion and purpose and finally be patient. Accumulating money abundance requires time.

I wish I could give you the one and only one thing to do that would lead you to money abundance. But no one can do that. Acquiring money abundance requires a series of steps and the formulation of good habits all applied over time.

Money Abundance and Motivation

People who become truly wealthy are motivated by more than money.  They are motivated by their contribution to the world.  They are motivated by solving problems and adding value on a large scale to help millions of people. They often surround themselves with other like-minded people and brainstorm ways to help more people.  They work hard to put their ideas into action.

The majority of wealth builders are careful with their money.  They focus more on investing in assets than spending. Even before they have large incomes they spend far less than their earnings in order to put the excess to work in investments that are likely to appreciate in value. They often have diversified assets and multiple streams of income including passive income, royalty income, rental income, business income, interest and investment income.

Here are two questions to ponder… What is your motivation for wanting to accumulate wealth? How willing are to to adopt new money habits in order to accumulate money abundance?


How Millionaires Acquired Their Wealth

Worldwide, 74% of self-made millionaires got their wealth from developing a business.  Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs are examples of billionaires in the technology and retail sectors who built their businesses from the ground up. They started with a clear vision and a plan. They built their fortunes by developing a business to benefit millions of customers.

Senior Executives comprise 10% of all self-made millionaires and multimillionaires.  Most started with high-growth potential companies and advanced their way up the corporate ladder to become CEO or CFO of big corporations.  Meg Whitman of eBay and Carly Fiorino of Hewlett Packard are great examples of women with vision who advanced through the ranks to earn sizable salaries, bonuses and stock options.

The next group of self-made millionaires are the top self-employed professionals—doctors, surgeons, lawyers and other professionals. Those who are exceptional achieve recognition and earn their financial freedom. 10% of millionaires are self-employed professionals.

Highly compensated sales people, sales consultants and sales trainers make up 5% of all self-made millionaires and multimillionaires. These are men and women who have honed their skills of influence and persuasion to a fine degree. While some gifted sales professionals are big spenders, others are more prudent. They live frugally and carefully invest their profits in growth assets. Think of Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jeffery Gittomer and Tom Peters.

The last group of self-made millionaires is the 1%, who has achieved celebrity status, invested, inherited or won their fortune.  Many in his group made their money on inventions, sports, entertainment, writing books, songs or movies. While some celebrities are notorious for blowing their wealth, others who have made money with their talent diversify into business and investments.  Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray, Bill Cosby, J.K. Rowling and John Elway fit this profile.

8 Ways to Money Abundance

Here’s the bottom line.  If you are serious about building  lifetime money abundance, you can do it through a number of practical ways including:

  1. Develop a scalable business
  2. Become a “How-To-Guru” by writing, coaching and promoting books, informational programs, how-to books and other IP (Intellectual Property) on the internet
  3. Pursue an executive career path
  4. Create high demand as a self-employed professional
  5. Receive high commission income from your sales ability or by becoming a well-paid sales consultant/trainer for public corporations
  6. Attain celebrity status as an actor, entertainer, musician, broadcaster, chef, athlete, author or motivational speaker.
  7. Invent and distribute an innovative product that solves a problem
  8. Become a knowledgeable investor in stocks, bonds, and real estate

Make Money Online–Launch Your Own Online Business

24 Hour Academy 3For most of us, becoming a top paid executive or a celebrity of some kind is off our radar. If you’re like me, you might not be cut out to be an inventor or a top paid athlete.

But, launching your own scalable business online puts you in the 74% category. And, it’s not that difficult to do given the technology that is available today. Most people can start a money-making business online while working their full time job.

I am passionate about helping women create money abundance; and one of the top ways I know of to do that is by helping them turn their passion and knowledge into profit with an online business.

The reason I like to coach women in how to make money with an online business is because of the ease and simplicity of launching an online business.  It doesn’t require a lot of capital and the ongoing expense to maintain your website is minimal.

You have special gifts. You have creative ideas to share with the world that could help a lot of people. What you might be missing is the ability to launch your business or your programs so that lots of people invest in them. If that’s where you are, then you really need my help to get started.

I can help you launch your first website for zero cost. Besides having a website as a platform to promote the products and services you offer, you need three things to make money online:

1.  A specifically targeted audience

2.  A good understanding of what your audience needs

3.  A top solution (product) to the problem/need they have

Once you know who you want to target, what their challenge is and how to find the products they need you are ready to build a website.  Building a website used to be a daunting task. Not so anymore with so many ready made WordPress themes.

The site you are reading is a WordPress site built on a theme called Divi from Elegant Themes.  It took me all of two minutes to launch the basic structure. I wanted a specialty theme so I paid $69 to purchase this theme but I have other sites built on WordPress that are free. After my platform was built I simply uploaded my theme and started building the site by adding pages and posts like the one you are reading.Ask Coach Rebecca-2 Free Websites

And here is some really good news.  There are a number of online universities that will guide you every step of the way toward money abundance.  My top pick is a company called Wealthy Affiliate that’s been around for almost ten years. You can start off with a free membership and gain the practice you need by building two free websites.  Check out my comprehensive review.

I would love to help you create money abundance. Just ask and let me know what you need.  I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

For Your Success!

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