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In Step 3 of Build Your Own Online Business, I’ll show you how to get website traffic without spending a ton of money.  My purpose for this series of articles is to show you how easy and inexpensive it is to build your own online business from the ground up. This is the simple four-step process you will use to build as many money making websites as you want.

Ask Coach Rebecca-4 Step Process

In my last two articles, I showed you how to choose a niche and how easy it is to create a money making website using a free WordPress theme and the Wealthy Affiliate launching pad. Once you have launched your website and created a few pages and posts, you’ll want to know how to get website traffic.

There are dozens of ways to get website traffic.  Some ways are free but they require more time to develop.  Other ways are quicker but they cost money. I’ll address five ways in this overview of how to get website traffic but my goal is to help you start your own online business with very little expense. So, let’s start out with how to get FREE website traffic first.

Free Website Traffic

One of the first things you will want to do soon after you launch your website is to get your website indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo.  You could index your website in other search engines as well, but Google, Bing and Yahoo are the top three search engines people use when they search for something online. I’ll show you how easy it is to index your website in my 1-2-1 coaching program.

First off, let’s define website traffic.  Website traffic is much like traffic in the brick and mortar world of business.  In the offline world, business owners thrive by getting traffic or “visitors” to come into their shop. Once your website is indexed, you will start getting visitors.

Visitors are real live people who are looking for something they need and want. That’s why it’s so important to choose a good niche.  If your niche is about how to start an online business and make money from home like mine is, you will use those keywords to attract visitors who have the same interest as you do. If your niche is “buying used prom dresses”, you’ll use those keywords in articles to attract mom’s of teenage daughters who have that need. See how that works?

The way to attract specific visitors to your site is to first know who you want to help (your target market) and what they consider to be their urgent pain or burning desire (need).  Once you know that, you can make a list of keywords they search for and add content and products to your site that meets the need of your targeted visitor. That is the essence of online marketing which some refer to as content marketing.

I target stay-at-home women, moms who want to make money at home, women who need to make more money to support themselves and women who want to be highly successful with an online business. If your niche is something like women’s fashion accessories, you will most likely target career women, business women, and women in general. If your niche is joint pain relief, you’ll most likely target men and women over forty, Baby Boomers and Seniors.

The way you will draw traffic to your site is by adding content to your site and getting your pages and posts ranked on Google.  I’m going to focus on Google in this post because 65% of website seekers use Google as their primary search engine. Most WordPress themes come with All In One SEO which helps with website indexing and search engine ranking.

Now don’t freak out about content.  Adding content to your site is really simple.  All you do is select a keyword and write your opinions and give information to your website visitors using the keyword you selected. For example, the primary keyword phrase in the article you are reading is “how to get website traffic”. If you typed “how to get website traffic” into a search engine you will find this article and others that use the same keyword.

The online learning academy I recommend for you to start your money making website has a fantastic keyword tool you can use to locate good keywords and phrases that are not only popular for searches but more likely to help you draw the specific kind of visitor you want for your website.

I was green as a cucumber when I started my first online business.  I languished an entire year with no sales. I had no idea about how to build a website and get traffic to my site.  But within a couple of months of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I was growing my website visitors and adding content like a real pro and you will do the same thing.  How do I know that? Well, I’m not a genius.  If I can do this anyone can.

If you sign up from my website, I’ll be there as your 1-2-1 coach to help you fill your site with quality content.

Search Engines Love Keywords

Keywords are what visitors type into a search engine when they want to solve a problem or have a need.  By typing in a few keywords in the search bar of your browser, you will see lists of websites that pop up. The first few sites that pop up come from paid searches. Paid search ads are grouped together either at the top of the search engine page or on the right side like the example below.

The next sites that pop up are what is referred to as organic traffic.  Organic traffic is free.  Paid searches are a way to draw traffic by creating a Google Ad Campaign.  I’ll show you exactly how to do that in a later post; but for now, let’s focus on free organic traffic.

Here’s an example of what comes up in Google when I type the long tail keyword, “lose weight over 40”

Ask Coach Rebecca-Google Keyword SearchAs you can see, the top ranking articles are on the left hand side and the sites using Google ad campaigns are on the left. The key to getting good quality traffic to your website is simply to add a lot of high quality content that your visitors want to read.

When you’re first starting out as many of my coaching clients are, adding content sounds almost scary. But let me tell you something, if you can talk, you can easily come up with great content.  That’s especially true if you are passionate about your subject.

I can’t talk about customizing antique cars because I know nothing about them and I have no interest. But I can talk for hours about making healthy meals on a budget or how to start a business or how to market yourself to local network groups or how to start and succeed with an online business.

Once you determine your niche and research a few key words, adding quality content is as easy as eating berries and ice cream.  And, don’t worry…you don’t have to have a degree in writing. I’ll be writing about how to add content to your website in a later post so stay tuned.

I can show you how to get high-quality articles written for a couple of bucks per article. If you are interested, shoot me an email.

5 Ways To Get Website Traffic

-1- High-Quality Content

We’ve already touched on the first way to get website traffic and that is by adding some high-quality content to your website.  The more high quality key word rich content you have, the more likely you are to get higher ranking in the search engines.

But like anything, there is an art to adding content to your website.  That’s where a good training program comes in.  Anyone can learn how to add content to a website.  All you need are articles that are anywhere from 500 to 1,500 words that provides original, useful information to your website audience.

Here’s a tip:  Focus first on giving your website audience what they want. Keep your content lively and interesting.  Use graphic images, videos, PowerPoint slides and Infographics to add interest to your website.

-2- Social Media Sites

Set up free social media accounts as soon as you launch your website.  Create a good profile of who you are and what you offer and post it on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and LinkedIn.

Post a notice of your latest articles or new pages on your social medial profile page.The more active you are on these social media sites, the links back to your site you get and the more targeted traffic you can draw to your sites.

-3- Join Forums

Forums are great for promoting website traffic.  By participating actively in a forum targeted to your website audience, you can illicit comments from like minded people and get your website brand out in the internet world for others to see.

You can find forums on just about any topic that interests you.  Just type in your main keywords and add a plus sign and the word, “forum”. So if I wanted to build a website about “training toy poodles”, I would type “training toy poodles + forum” into my search engine and up pops a few forums that I can join.

Once you become recognized as an active member, you can promote your website and the products you offer.  Nothing could be easier.

-4- Become a Smart Commenter

Adding your comments to other websites who target the same customer you target is an easy way to get more traffic to your site.  When you add a comment, don’t just say something like “good article”, instead write a couple of sentences of why you thought the article was valuable.

If you disagree with the authors point of view, don’t be afraid to say so. When you leave a comment, your website appears also. You can leave a link for your offer on the comment. Many active website viewers will click on your link if they like what you have to say. This is a method that takes time, but it is worth the extra effort.

-5- Create a Google Ad Campaign

Creating a Google Ad Campaign (or Bing and Yahoo) is a sure way to get your website ranked at the top of the search engine pages;  but I don’t recommend this traffic source for a novice just starting out.

The easiest way to create a Google Adword Campaign is to contact Google Adwords directly and learn the recommended way to build your campaign.

I recommend that you explore the first four ways of getting traffic to your website before you use any paid ad campaigns.  No amount of advertising will help until you have a good amount of content in your site.

Think about it this way.  If you saw an advertisement that offered the “Best Burgers and Fries” in your town and then you went to that restaurant and you saw they didn’t have a kitchen and no one was there to take your order you would leave immediately.  The same is true of your website visitors.

Wait until you have products linked to your site and quality content to offer them before you spend a dime on an ad campaign or you’ll end up wasting time and money. Once you have products and content, Google Ad Campaigns could be a good way to draw targeted traffic to your site.

You can learn to be a traffic driving expert with a good coaching and training program. Check out my Free Breakthrough Coaching session or take a look at my review for my top choice for online training academies.

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