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What is Coaching?

Coaching is best represented as a two-way partnership between the coach and the “coachee” where both partners have a vested interest. The “coachee” wants better results from their effort than what they have achieved on their own and the coach agrees to partner as a shoulder-to-shoulder guide, teacher, strategist and trainer to help them accomplish their stated objectives.

Coaching Creates Synergy

A good coach will help you leverage your time, strengths and financial assets while creating a synergistic environment to help you achieve extraordinary personal and business results.

Synergy is the process of combining two or more elements so that the performance of the combination is higher than the sum of the individual elements.

Business Coaching Synergy Formula


Another way to explain coaching is with this infographic image:

Coaching is a relationship of equals.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

Many people are curious about the cost of coaching.  Coaching fees vary depending upon experience and whether or not the coach is certified as a business coach or life coach.  Coaching fees can vary from zero to a few hundred per hour.  I know of coaches who charge thousands but their business model is different from mine.

ACR offers coaching programs to fit any need, level of experience and budget. You’ll be happy to know that my programs range from zero for my FREE Breakthrough Coaching Session to a flat fee of $1,800 for my six month business intensive makeover. I even have a program for an investment as low as $97 a month for  3 months. The best way to find out what your coaching investment will be is to contact us for a FREE session. We’ll be happy to discuss your budget and find a program best suited for your needs.

What is Your Coaching Philosophy?

If I could, I would coach everyone because I believe the whole world could benefit from coaching. I think that because I know firsthand about the power of personal development with an excellent coach.  I know what it takes to go from a place in life where you are wounded and deeply in debt to a place of freedom and joy. While it was easy for me to get all the knowledge I needed from my independent online research, it was my coaches and mentors who helped me turn my strong desire and potential for success into a living reality.

Coaching helps people who are already good at what they do to become even better.  That’s why so many top performing athletes, actors and business owners have a coach.  Their coach works with them in specific areas to help them make significant improvements. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready or willing to be coached.

My personal style is a combination of tough love and cheerleader. As a coach, I remain in a position of objectivity.  Although some people would rather hear a lie than the truth, I tell my clients the truth as I see it. As a cheerleader, I am always in your corner with a word of encouragement and motivation.

Why Can’t I Reach My Goals On My Own?

You can reach your goals on your own if you are pursuing the right strategy and you have the determination and discipline to push through until you reach success. The reality is, on our own, most quit before we hit our full potential and reach championship level.

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that hard work, grit, determination and doing it on our own are the keys to life success.  Unfortunately, most people find themselves overwhelmed with the challenges of life.  I find that especially true for women. May women suffer from Superwoman Syndrome which causes them to over commit to life events.

Some women end up sacrificing their health, their personal time and their relationships in pursuit of success.  None of that is necessary but we don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes all you need are a few tweaks from an objective coach to get your life and business back on the right track.  Other times you may need a bigger overhaul depending upon the ambitiousness of your goals.

The same is true for men who have matured with a strong desire to provide and protect their family. Deep inside, they know they have the potential to become a champion in whatever it is they pursue.  Yet external and internal forces nag at them to deflate their resolve.

When it comes to starting and growing a successful online business, the failure rate is nine times far higher than the success rate even though there are many free online marketing, “do it yourself” (DIY) programs. While there is an over abundance of information about how to succeed with online marketing business from home, less than 10% succeed.

I believe coaching with an experienced online business coach makes the difference between online business success and online business failure.

That’s why I always recommend a free coaching session.  One session could provide you with the clarity and motivation you need to move forward.

What Makes Your Coaching Programs So Effective in Helping People Reach Their Goals?

Coaching Helps You Improve

Go from good to great with online business coaching.

There are several reasons why my coaching programs are effective. First, coaching provides a structure of support. Typically when we are left completely on our own we inevitably hit a few bumps in the road.  While we start out with the best of intentions, we can easily get sidetracked or worse yet thrown completely off track.

Hitting obstacles and getting off track causes huge delays and is often quite expensive.  As a Certified Business Coach, I can help you navigate the obstacles and road blocks so that more is accomplished with less frustration and effort.

A second reason for effectiveness with my coaching is objectivity. It’s sometimes hard for people to see the mistakes they are making.  We all get in a rut from time to time and need an objective supporter to help us see things more clearly.

One big area that most people need is help in setting realistic goals and creating a practical, actionable plan to get there. Goals are crucial for success but, if your goals are too ambitious you’ll end up spinning your tires and driving around in circles.  A good coach will get you pointed in the right direction.

Here’s the third reason–good coaches help to develop synergy and momentum while providing accountability.

Finally, your coach will help you develop new skills and point you to money-saving, time saving resources to keep you from re-inventing the wheel as you progress toward your ultimate goals in life.

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

Consultants often charge more because many times they do the work for you.  Coaches point you in the right direction, provide support and motivation but do not do the work for you.  That way you own the work you do.  You own your results and you reap the highest reward in the shortest amount of time.  By completing tasks yourself with a coach looking over your shoulder, you will develop a deeper understanding and you will build enormous confidence as you move forward.

Who do you work with?

I have a strong value for healthy families. I work with both men and women who want to learn how to make money online with a home based business. Most of my clients are women who want to take the lid off their earning power with a work from home online business. But I have a number of clients who are men who need to provide for their family and reduce the stress they have encountered from their 9-5 job.

Whether you are female or male, my passion is the same.  I am in love with helping as many people as I can develop their own economy with a Money Rich Time Rich™ business from home.

I signed up with an Online Learning Program but I’m not putting money in the bank.  Can you help?

The answer is Yes, Yes,  and Yes! You are perfect for my 3, 6 or 12-month intensive programs.

I love many of the online learning programs that have been developed to help a novice internet marketing online business entrepreneur go from start to launch. I think there is huge value to be gained from Wealthy Affiliate University, Affilorama, Online Marketing Institute, Internet Marketing Mastery, and Site Build It.

In fact, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate online marketing training courses for starting out the right way.

The challenge with all the DIY on your own programs is twofold. While they provide a tremendous amount of information, they can leave you in a state of frustration and overwhelm with knowledge overload. Some can keep you hopping from one program to another because you never quite find the success you desperately long for and you think the next program might be the one to catapult you into success.

Secondly, the majority of online learning campuses simply cannot provide the 1-2-1 attention and support you need to help you fill in your personal knowledge gaps and then turn knowledge into the application and skills you need to get to the big time online marketing success you are capable of producing.

The reason for that is in their online business model.  Most business models rely on volume.  Volume business models with online learning campuses rarely include the substantive 1-2-1 customized coaching you need to overcome the hurdles to online marketing success.

Some of those hurdles could be related to developing a successful mindset. No matter how much knowledge you have, without the right mindset about creating wealth with your online business, you could be sabotaging your own success.

Other hurdles could involve learning to write and add quality content for your ideal customer or implementing a practical email capture system, website design or getting more traffic. It could be that your message is not hitting your ideal target client or that you have challenges in converting visitors to buyers.

I provide comprehensive coaching programs based upon your current level of knowledge, experience and need. Together we’ll outline a strategic plan of action to fit all of the pieces together.

Sometimes all it takes are a few simple tweaks which is why I offer two short-term coaching programs in addition to my 12 month program.

With me by your side you’ll have all the learning, training, coaching and support you need to launch a six-figure business that you love. Best of all, you’ll learn everything you need to put money in the bank.


What areas of online business marketing will my coaching program cover?

Optimal Online Marketing Coaching ModelEach coaching program is individualized according to your specific discovery analysis. Your coach will recommend an 90 day plan of action, strategies for improving your outcomes and specific tasks that are tailored to help you meet your stated objectives.

Unless specified, areas covered will include profitable niche marketing selection, website design and structure, developing your online brand, content plan, email capture system and website traffic generation.

Got more questions?

Just ask!  We are here for you.  We will be happy to answer any question you have about coaching, setting up a business, making more money, improving your income or anything else that concerns you.  Simply fill out our contact form.

Let’s us know how we can help.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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