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This Amazing Online Learning Community Is Loved By Thousands

Wealthy Affiliate truly does show beginners step-by-step how to build and make money from their home computer, laptop, Ipad, notebook or even a smart phone.

Yes, it’s just that responsive. And...It’s Free To Join!

I am a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve never regretted a moment. Here are my top 3 reasons for joining the Wealthy Affiliate Community…

Ease of Learning

Videos, tutorials, Member Chat, Webinars, Q & A response…however you learn best you’ll find it easy to learn at Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Courses.

Awesome Community Support

Need a helping hand from time to time? The awesome WA Community is like having a raving fan club to hold you up and cheer you on to success.

On-Going Technical Support

The Wealthy Affiliate platform makes it easy for a novice to create a website.  But it doesn’t stop there. Responsive technical support is available to members 24/7.

Wealthy Affiliate Review By Coach Rebecca

Ask Coach Rebecca-Let Me Help YouI’ve been coaching business owners since 2006.  Over the past decade, I’ve come across dozens of enticing online marketing programs promising to help a start-up entrepreneur make money on the internet with just a few clicks of a button.

You’ve probably seen a lot of the same ones…you know…the ones that entice you with a mansion, a beautiful family and a snazzy-looking car.  They lure people in with the promise of quick money with little effort.

I fell into a few online scam companies when I was first starting out as an online business developer working from my home. I got hooked on internet marketing schemes because I was desperate for financial success. I lost everything in a painful divorce and I was starting over in life with nothing. I had to make ends meet or go on welfare.  It wasn’t a good place to be but as it turns out, since I didn’t have a plan B option I couldn’t accept failure.

When I first came across Wealthy Affiliate, I thought it was going to be just as disappointing as all the other programs I had tried and failed. I soon found out that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT AT ALL like the scam companies.  Once I began making money like they said I would I knew I had made a smart choice.

I started with a Free Membership and I haven’t looked back. You can get your Free Membership now or read more about Wealthy Affiliate in my review below.

 What You Can Expect From Your Free Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

First off, you’ll have your own dash board where you can post your picture and a profile.  From your own personal dash board, you can navigate your way to a Get Started learning tutorial where you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to launch a website in just a few minutes.

With your STARTER MEMBERSHIP you can BUILD TWO FREE WEBSITES! You’ll get instant access to 10 FREE lessons–that way you can check everything out and see if Wealthy Affiliate is a program for you.

Believe me when I say, prior to Wealthy Affiliate I was a wreck when it came to technology.  I thought you had to have a degree in computer programming to build a website.

“The learning environment and the web-building platform the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, have created have made me fearless when it comes to building my own websites.”

I’m not a computer programmer. If I can do this, you can do this!

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to dive right in with the first Getting Started Video Tutorial. You’ll learn quickly that you only need 4 things to create a profitable website business…a passion to help people….a website….visitors to your site…and products for people to buy.  Oh, by the way, there is no selling required.  People will come to your website to buy products and services but you don’t have to worry about trying to sell them anything.  All you have to do is love helping people.

If you love helping people get what they want, you can succeed with an online marketing business.

Start with a list of things you are passionate about and then pick a niche.  Once you’ve decided on your niche you’re ready to launch your website.  Did I mention that the Wealthy Affiliate platform makes it super-easy to build your own website from the ground up?

Ask Coach Rebecca-Business Start Up

Once your website is launched, the easy to follow, step by step lessons will show you how to get visitors, how to add products and how to convert visitors to buyers.

How Can I Make Money Online?

There are dozens of ways to make money online from home. Do you like to shop?  Most people do.  In fact more than 2.5 billion shoppers are online everyday looking for goods and services to buy. I’m what you might call a “mission” shopper.  I have an idea of what I’d like to buy before I start looking.

Well the good news is, most people who buy things on the internet are the same way.  Mega stores like Amazon got started much the same way you will.  They built a simple website and started adding products that people wanted to buy. But, Amazon didn’t just paste pictures of products on their website; they wrote descriptions about the features and benefits of the product.Ask Coach Rebecca-4 Steps to Money

Later, Amazon and stores like them created affiliate programs. When you sign up as an affiliate with online stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nordstroms, Wallmart, Apple, AT&T and thousands of other mega stores…you can feature their products on your website and earn money when people buy. And, you can get millions of products to promote from affiliate network companies. It’s easy.  I’ll show you how.

But guess what?  Affiliate marketing is only one way to earn money online.  There are dozens of ways to make money from home with your own online business.  The training you’ll get at Wealthy Affiliate revolves around how to make money with a website. To get started, all you need to do is sign up for your free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate.

I Get It! Sign Me Up Now!

Turn Your Passion into Profit with Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Courses!

When I first started out with my home business I had a few non-negotiable goals like:

  • I had to make enough money with my online business to support my lifestyle
  • I wanted to be my own boss
  • I wanted to be able to work from home or wherever I chose to work (Sometimes I work at the park or nice resorts.)
  • I wanted to have multiple streams of income coming in 24/7 (I now have more than a dozen income streams.)

I know that sounds like a tall order and to be truthful it scared me at first because I was used to making money for other people as an employee instead of making money for myself.

Ask Coach Rebecca-Affiliate AdsAt Wealthy Affiliate, not only did I learn how to build a website from scratch, I learned how to make money from each of my small websites.  The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, have taken all the complication out of building a real online business.

The hardest part about my experience was narrowing down my passions into the one or two things I was most passionate about. I built the site you are visiting now because my greatest passion is helping women make money from home.  I love coaching women who need help and need extra income.

When I first started out, I built a site to help people with neuropathy pain.  I also built a site to help women with natural skin products.  While both of those are good niches to make money with, they didn’t work for me because I had no real passion for them. I discovered I LOVE HELPING WOMEN MAKE MONEY FROM HOME! That is my real passion and it works for me.

Honestly, you can make money with anything you have a real interest in. Wealth Affiliate founders, Kyle and Carson will show you how.

You’ll see just how easy building a website can be when you sign up for a Free Account with Wealthy Affiliate.

Are You Ready to Take a Peek Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

An Inside Look At Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s face it.  No program is absolutely perfect and Wealthy Affiliate is no exception. But of all the online learning programs I have reviewed and experienced, Wealthy Affiliate gets a 97 out of 100 from me for programs that teach how to build a money-making online business from scratch. See why here.

Established: September, 2005
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website Type: Internet Marketing/online business training
Training Format: Step by step courses, live video classes, tutorials, HD video
Suitable For: Online marketing novice through those who are experts
Time Commitment: Part time, full time, at your own pace
Cost To Join: $0, no credit card or bank details required for Starter Account
Support Provided: Live expert help from founders and responsive 24/7 technical support available

Will I Get Help From the Wealthy Affiliate Founders?

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, started with laptops, Wealthy Affiliate-Kyle-Carsonknowledge of how successful internet businesses work and passion to help people who want to earn a full-time living working from their home.

The concept they put together is simple: teach people everything there is to know from A-Z about how to build a successful internet business from scratch and then support them as they continue to build the income from their own work from home business to the level that suits them. Their concept has grown to more than 100,000 worldwide members who have come to realize that the way Kyle and Carson teach to do business on the internet is the way it should be…honest, straight forward, with no outrageous earnings claims and no hype.

Kyle and Carson are active participants in the WA Community. Wealthy Affiliate is the only online learning university I know of where the founders actually interact on a daily basis with members. And, get this…they survey their members to ask how they can improve their learning experience! That means your voice is heard by the founders of the company. How awesome is that?

Tools and Training For Building Your Online Business From Home

In order to launch your money-making website, you will need a website platform/template, hosting and on-going training.  You will also need the use of a good key word search tool. Many internet scam companies offer “free websites” and “free hosting” as a lead in to sell their high ticket items.Wealthy-Affiliate-Bootcamp

This is where Wealthy Affiliate is completely different.  There are no big ticket up-sells. With your free Starter Membership, you can use over 1,800 free WordPress Templates and host two websites for as long as you want absolutely free of cost.  With that, you will get the use of an awesome key word search tool and training in how to build and launch your website along with a handy Rapid Writer Tool to help you with content needs.

Training starts with a “Getting Started” video module that walks you through the complete system online business courses. Next, you’ll choose between the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp or the Certification Course where you will get all the hand-holding you need to build your website from the ground floor.

WA CertificationThe entire training process can be accomplished as fast or as slow as you want.  You are in the driver’s seat so you can learn at your own pace.  One of the features I appreciate most about the learning platform at Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s done in a sequence where each concept builds on the previous concept. Assignments are given at the end of each lesson so that you can make progress quickly with practical application.  Your website will be ready for launch by the end of the fourth lesson.

From there, you can move on to learn how to drive traffic, add affiliate programs and earn money. At last count, there are over 500 online training modules at Wealthy Affiliate University.  If for some reason, you cannot locate what you need, you can easily start a classroom discussion and within a few minutes any one of the more than 100,000 active community support members will jump on and help you find the answer you need.

Why I Chose Wealthy Affiliate Over All The Other Training Programs

After I lost everything in my life and had to start over, I knew I had to do something to support myself and my aging mom fast.  I pored over website after website about how to make money from home using the internet. So many of the offers I found looked great.  I could really see myself living in a mansion and driving a Mercedes.

Ask Coach Rebecca-Failure Success ChoiceI tried a few of the systems that promised riches for no work.  I really wanted them to work…but they didn’t.  Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate.  This company was different.  They said they would teach me to build a successful business online but I had to do the work.

They didn’t promise me I’d get rich and they didn’t guarantee me success.  Wait a minute…Do you mean to tell me this company is honest?  YES! That’s exactly what I mean. What they did offer was a free starter account so I could try things out for myself.  With no money to lose, it made sense to me to give them a shot.

Wealthy Affiliate gave me the platform, training and tools I needed to build my online business from the ground up.  And they didn’t hassle me and drain my bank account with more and more expensive programs like the other internet programs I had tried in the past.

I had an option with Wealthy Affiliate to build two websites and stay with my free program as long as I wanted or to become a Premium Member and build an unlimited number of websites for a very small investment.

Once I saw how easy they make it to build a beautiful website,  I opted for the Premium Membership. I made enough money to cover my tiny $47 per month investment within two months.

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that allows me to grow my business as I grow. Unlike companies like “Site Build It” where you pay an annual fee of $300 per site, or other companies that charge up to $25 per site for hosting, Wealthy Affiliate allows me to build and host up as many websites as I want to build for one low annual fee. Now I’m not a money genius but being able to build and host multiple websites and getting the training and technical support to do it for one annual payment of $360 versus paying $300 per site seems like a no brainier decision.

Now I make money online doing what I love to do–I help people! I love helping people and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I get to do that everyday while I enjoy traveling and staying at different places throughout the year. I cannot imagine doing anything else to make a steady income from home while being my own boss.

My opinion…if you want to be TIME RICH and WORRY FREE you need to develop a money-making online business and take a serious look at Wealthy Affiliate as one of your success partners.

Meet Hundreds of Successful Online Business Builders

When you sign up for your free starter account, you’ll be able to meet and learn from hundreds of others that Wealthy Affiliate has made successful.  You’ll meet people like Veronica who makes a full-time living from home.  You’ll meet Jennifer who started as a single mom needing to support her three kids.  Jennifer had no child support and she had to put food on the table and keep a roof over her head.  Jennifer turned her knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate into a six-figure business by simply writing reviews about products that she buys for herself and her kids.

You might meet Robert who turned his love for gaming into a successful online business.  Then there is Nathaniel who after just a couple of years was able to buy a home from his full-time earnings.  Steve earns a full-time living with his website business.  All he does is review and compare internet products.

I could go on and on, but you’ll just have to see for yourself…

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What Do You Want From Wealthy Affiliate?

We all have different goals and values that are important to us. I’m a divorced Baby Boomer and I support myself and my 86 year old mom.  I wanted the freedom and flexibility to care for my mom and work on my business from home. Plus I wanted to be able to:

  • Go hiking, skiing or snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain Park any day of the week
  • Play a few rounds of golf in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Buy a new car and take my mom on a road trip to visit family now and then
  • Volunteer to help single moms and their children get a home from Habitat for Humanity

Plus, I didn’t want to end up in another dead end 9-5 job with no job security and no opportunity for advancement.  But this isn’t about me.  I want to know what your goals are.

What Are Your Goals?

icon_writingDo you want to earn more money for saving or buying something you’ve always wanted?

Do you want more time with your family?

Do you need to save money for retirement or supplement your retirement income?

Do you want to travel more?

Do you want to fire your boss and work from home?

Are you out of work, widowed or divorced and need steady income?


Get Your Step By Step Road Map Here

 I’ve been coaching people in how to make a living from home for the past several years.  You can read about some of my success stories on my site.

If you want a step by step road map to reach your goals,  feel free to check out Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re serious about earning money online with an internet business, I recommend a Premium Membership because you’ll get full access to ALL the training modules and my 1-2-1 support.

Premium Membership with Wealthy Affiliate is only $47 a month.  Sign up from my site and you will get a 59% discount on your first months premium membership. That means it will only cost you 63 cents a day ($19 for your first month.)

But, you don’t have to make that decision now.  You can check every thing out for a total cost of $0 with a free starter membership. To sign up for your free account… you only need to take three steps:

1. Click on the Blue Button below.

2.Add your name and email on the window that pops up.

3. Pick a user name and password on the next page and you’re set to go!

Click on the button below and get started with your FREE MEMBERSHIP NOW!

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Wealthy Affiliate:  The Bottom Line

Of all the free membership programs I have tried, Wealthy Affiliate gets a 97 out of a possible 100 score for everything you get with a free starter account.  Build and host two websites for absolutely zero cost or step up to a Premium Membership and get even more.

The choice is yours.  Don’t let any excuse stop you from starting your own money-making business from home.  Create your free membership today and start building a better tomorrow.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

1. Click on the button below and enter your name and email address.

2. Pick your user name and password on the next page.

3. Jump into to the training with the green Getting Started button.


Create My Free Account Now!

Be Sure To Stop By And Say Hi…

My user name in the Wealthy Affiliate Community is RebeccaS. If you ever need any thing, I’ll be there to help you.

Be sure to add your picture to your profile page so we can get acquainted.  I’ll greet you as soon as you sign up and send you a free thank you gift and a valuable checklist of everything you need to do create your website business at home.

See you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate!


I Believe In You!

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  • Training 98%
  • Tools 96%
  • Overall Support 94%
  • Active Community 97%
  • Value For Investment 100%
  • Final Score 97%

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