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Get prepared to prosper with The 7 Hidden Powers of Abundance.

Ask Coach Rebecca-7 Powers eBook CoverAs you read through this short eBook, I will coach you by asking you to answer seven simple but thought-provoking questions. Your answers to these questions will guide you to discover your own path toward lifetime financial abundance.

I believe that money is both spiritual and material. Before we can be successful with the material aspect of money we need to do some inside work.

You may not realize it now, but internalizing and applying each of these seven powers will change your life. I know this because I have experienced the reality of climbing back from a state of impoverishment into a life of financial security and abundance and I have coached others to do the same.

I ask that you consider each power truth from a state of complete objectivity. As many have affirmed, “The truth will set you free.”

I’d like to add to that by saying, the truth you willingly accept and apply will set you free.


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