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The Right Way to Start Internet Business

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Start internet business the right way to make money online.

If you’re starting internet business online, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. I’ve helped dozens of stay at home women and men learn how to start internet business and make money from home by taking the following steps:

  1.  Find a need for your internet business and fill it.
  2.  Create high-value content.
  3.  Design a simple, easy-to-use website.
  4.  Learn to use search engines and free offers to pull traffic to your site.
  5.  Establish yourself as an expert in your niche market.
  6.  Turn website visitors into buyers with email marketing.
  7.  Grow your online business profits with back-end sales.

Whether you are  a novice or a more experienced online business marketer, the steps outlined above will work for you. You’ll notice that not one of these steps is high tech. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that because it’s simple it doesn’t require work. This won’t be fall off a log easy and it won’t be quick; but the process I’m going to outline for you will work for you as it has for thousands of successful online business marketers. Use these steps in starting internet business.

Step 1: Find a need for your internet business and fill it.

 The Right Way:

Target Market

Think target market first and product second.

Another way to say “find a need and fill it” is choose your website audience (market) and your niche. To be successful with your internet business start up, you first have to identify a starving crowd of people with an urgent need or burning desire.

Your market could be Baby Boomers,Recent College Graduates, Stay-at-Home Moms, New Parents or any group of people with needs. The best strategy to use is to find a large group of people who are searching for solutions to their problems but not finding enough results on the internet to meet their need.

Once you have identified your market and you know what their needs are, you can search for products to solve their problems. Think market need first and product solution second.

Use the vast resources of the internet to research your market and what they need:

  • Search online forums in your niche market. Find out what questions people are asking and what solutions are being offered to them.  (Type “YOUR NICHE + FORUM” into your browser. Example: New Brides+ Forum)
  • Use keyword search tools to locate keywords that get a lot of searches but don’t have a lot of websites competing for them.  Some keyword search tools are free.  Others require a monthly investment. Learn more about the power of keyword research on Coppyblogger.
  • Research competing websites.  Find out what they offer and either create a product or locate products that are better at meeting the demand of your market.

Locating products on the internet to meet the demand of your market niche is easy. You can locate affiliate network providers like ClickBank and ShareASale or go to major merchandisers.

The Wrong Way:

Don’t settle on a market niche just because it’s trendy or popular. Make sure you are passionate about your niche. Having passion for a group of people will give you motivation and staying power as you develop your online business.

 Step 2: Create high-value content.

 The Right Way:

Creating high-value content requires research and planning. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes as you develop the content plan for your website. The best way to create compelling content is to think like your customer. Customers have an attitude of “what’s in it for me?”

Compelling website content is always about the customer. Think about what your customer wants and needs before you plan the content for your site. One of my favorite authority sites for learning about quality content is Copyblogger.

Here are a few tips about website content:

  • Review your content for usefulness. Remember to write content for people not search engines.Write content as though you are speaking to your best friend.
  • Engage visitors by helping them solve a problem. Give them what they want. Provide solutions not long, drawn-out explanations.
  • Maintain interest with variety.  Add videos, podcasts, teleseminar recordings, interviews, links to useful websites, quality graphic images, product reviews, famous quotes and any thing else that keeps your content lively.
  • Don’t forget to add well-written sales copy into your website.  Remember, your goal is to make money with your online business model. Your sales process is a vital part of your website content.

The Wrong Way:

Don’t be a copycat. Many people make that mistake when they are starting out. They find a few successful websites and copy them. Don’t copy competitors with more of the same hum-drum information. You need to have a different angle.

Step 3: Design a simple, easy-to-use website.

Think of your website as your online storefront. Your website design needs to be clean and user-friendly. Website design is an art. Your site needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. You only have eight seconds to grab the attention of website visitors so keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose one or two plain serif or sans serif fonts on a white background. Use font colors sparingly.
  • Make your page and post navigation clear and simple, and the same on every page.
  • Use graphics, audio or video if they enhance your message. But, avoid clutter.
  • Include a free opt-in offer to collect e-mail addresses.
  • Make it easy to buy, e.g. no more than two clicks between potential customer and checkout.

Step 4: Learn to use search engines and pay-per-click advertising to pull your target market to your site.

While there are dozens of ways to draw targeted traffic to your website, most people start out with free organic traffic first before adding pay-per-click advertising.

Organic traffic comes as your website gets crawled from the major search engines.  Search engines look for popular keywords to index your site onto their pages. Two popular plug-ins, All in One SEO and SEO by Yoast can be added to your website to assist you with drawing free organic traffic.

If you have the budget for it, Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest way to draw targeted traffic to your site. PPC ads show up first on the search pages and they allow you to test different keywords, headlines, products and sales approaches for effectiveness. By finding the highest-converting keywords, you can spread them throughout the content of your site to draw more free organic traffic. Once you have found your sweet spot with high-converting keywords, you can ramp up your PPC ad budget to pull even more targeted traffic to your site.

Step 5: Establish yourself as an expert in your niche market.

Authority sites are a growing trend among six-figure website developers. By building your website into an authority site, you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche market.

A good way to establish your expertise is to become a contributor on other websites.  Provide high-quality free information as a regular commenter or a guest poster and you’ll see more organic traffic to your site. The easiest way to do that is to always leave a link to your site with each tidbit of information you give. This is a common and highly effective strategy among forum users and social media buffs.

Here are a few tips to help you become an expert in your niche market:

  • Create an irresistible free offer and give it away on article directories, forums and social media sites.
  • Add “send to a friend” links on your website and social media pages.
  • Join social media communities like Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and become an active, contributing expert on topics that interest your target audience.

By using the three tips above you will gain new website readers and you will also create a series of links back to your site. Search engines love authentic back links because they help with indexing your site. In time, they will reward you with higher page rankings.

 Step 6: Turn website visitors into buyers with email marketing.

You can build a micro-niche website that brings in a few hundred dollars each month to supplement your income, or with a little more effort you can build a six-figure income business online. By adding email marketing to your internet business you will be able to create a scalable online business.

Your email opt in list is one of the most valuable assets to your online business.  Internet Guru, Steve Olcher said, “The riches are in the niches but the money is in the list.”

“The riches are in the niches but the money is in the list.”-Steve Olcher

 By creating an email opt in subscriber list you are:

  •  Giving your website audience exactly what they asked for
  • Creating opportunities for follow-up
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Creating a non-intrusive way to offer additional products

Email marketing is far less expensive than traditional direct mail marketing and has been proven to be far more effective. The response you get is 100% measurable. And you will end up with a way to cultivate “hot leads” who are more likely to be buyers.

Step 7: Grow your online business profits with back-end sales.

Business experts have proven that it is seven times cheaper to market to a lifetime customer than it is to get a new one.  Once you have created a customer for your online business, your job is to keep them satisfied. The way to do that is by creating a quality email sequence campaign.

Selling additional products to first-time customers is much easier when you have an opt-in subscriber list. By using an automated customer management software (auto-responder) to create a follow-up system, you can market additional products to your customers to help them time and time again.

Use your automated email sequence to create a series of emails to:

  • Encourage customer loyalty
  • Keep your website top of mind
  • Encourage and reward referrals from your customers
  • Offer up-sells on related products

If you have learned more about how to start an internet business and make money from home, please be sure to add your comments and share this article with friends.

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