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Training Module 3 from The Coach’s Corner

In this training post, I’m going to tackle two big issues for anyone who wants to succeed with internet marketing for online business.  The first issue is how to pick the best host to house your website files.  The second issue is how to quickly launch your website on a flexible host platform without a lot of unnecessary expense.

If you want to build a full time career in online marketing, what I call, living a laptop lifestyle with a Time Rich Money Rich Business From Home™, you have to have a reputable website host with a solid, flexible website platform that you can build and expand your online business upon. Encountering problems with either one of these infrastructure components will cause you undo stress and expense.

Read on.  I’ve had experience with both horrible and excellent service providers when it comes to website hosting and development.  My goal with this training post is to save you frustration and cost. BTW, if I succeed in helping you please help me by sharing this post with your social network!

Website Hosting for Internet Marketing Online Business

Website hosting for internet marketing online business development is a very big and problematic area. After you choose your marketing niche and buy a domain name, the next consideration is locating a good website hosting company.  If you are someone who wants to build an online presence with a website, you absolutely need to be confident with your website host.

There are six main criteria you must be assured of  before selecting the host for your website.

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Responsiveness
  • Website Platform Fit
  • Economics
  • Ease of Transfer

What to look for and measure in an excellent host for your website can be answered with these six questions.

-1- How reliable is the website host?

Website hosts with an excellent reputation are known to have a 99% up time.  That stat is important to an online business because you must know without a shadow of a doubt that your all of website files will load and be available 24/7 every day of every year.

You will spend hours and months building your website. After you launch your website and add quality content, you will monetize it with affiliate partners, advertising sponsors and possibly your own products. Just like any major online business, you count on your website host to keep your site available to your customers and website viewers who could become your next customers.

Unless you can afford your own virtual private network host like Microsoft and other big players do, you must have a website host you can count on for a 98-99% uptime. Nothing is worse for business owners than to have their customers call or stop buy only to find that the business is temporarily closed.

No website hosting company has a 100% uptime. Every company has issues with internet hosting due to  bandwith, hacking and other electronic issues that are commonly experienced with the internet. But if you find a host who has an excellent reputation among its users for a 98-99% reliability you have a winner in this category.

-2- How secure are your website data files with the website host?

Security on the internet is a major issue for online business website developers. In this day of hackers and malicious malware the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your website is safe.

Before you make a final decision on the website host to house your files, find out about what services they offer for protecting your site. All good website hosts should backup their servers including shared websites on a daily basis. Ask how often they backup. (I recommend that you keep a back up your website files frequently.)

One host that I’ll introduce you to toward the end of this post, offers daily backup and takes an extra measure that most hosts omit. That extra security measure they take of temporarily shutting down any website that poses a threat to other sites on the server helps me sleep well at night.

-3- How responsive is the website host’s tech support team?

Unless you grew up with high-tech parents or digital technology is somehow embedded in your brain and DNA, you will eventually need tech support as you build your website.

An excellent website host has a great support team that is responsive to your request within a reasonable time frame. Anytime a company promises support and takes days to get back, you can bet they are overwhelmed and understaffed. Worse yet, you may get canned email response answers while they scramble to find someone with enough competence to handle your request.

If that’s the case, cross them off your list and move on. You need a tech support team that you can communicate with in real time with or at least get an email response from within an hour or less. Time is money when you are in business to make money with a website.

-4- Will their website launching platform fit your need?

Some website building companies will host your website but offer their own platform that requires their own proprietary website themes in order to develop a website.  This is the case with companies like AdvisorSites, SiteBuildIt and others.

Hosting companies like that make it difficult for novice website builders to grow their website content without paying for additional tech support or incurring substantial hosting fees.

SiteBuildIt will assist you in building a nice website but it cost you $300 per site per year. And you will need to learn how to use their proprietary website building software. That’s not a bad choice if you only intend to build a couple of websites and you are making enough money from your sites to justify the expense. But if you are just starting out, you might want to explore other options.

-5- What are the long-term economics for hosting your website business?

It’s kind of hard to think about the long term economics of launching and hosting an online website business when you are just starting out. You have a lot of things to think about like what your niche will be, what will you name your online business, how will you add content to your website, how will you get traffic (visitors) to come to your site, and how you will make money.

But, a long term strategy approach is always better when it comes to website hosting.

Host your website files doesn’t have to be expensive; but watch out for hosting that is really cheap. Cheap hosting offers usually expire after a year. That means you could get your site hosted for less than $5/month/site for the first year but after that you may up paying $10+ / month/site.

$10/site/month may not seem like a big deal at first. But when you learn about the system I recommend for launching your own website and you find out how easy it is to build a niche website, you just may find yourself building multiple websites in different niches. Once you get a dozen sites or more, the cost of hosting your sites becomes a more serious economic issue.

Here are a few examples of website hosting fees:

  • BlueHost  (From $3.49/ month)
  • HostGator  (From $3.95/ month)
  • HostExcellence (From $6.97/ month)
  • 1and1 (From $4.99/month)
  • FatCow (From $3.15/ month)

If you are successful with one website business, you could host your site for a a few dollars a month.  But if you find that you want to build a number of niche websites as many website entrepreneurs do, per site hosts could be more expensive for you in the long run. In that case, a multiple site bundled approach will be more cost effective.

Of the website hosts that I have used in the past, I can recommend BlueHost. Support is great, their C-panel is easy to use and I found no issues with security and reliability. I would not recommend FatCow, BrainHost or GoDaddy for hosting your websites simply because of reliability and tech support issues.

If you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) because you are building sites for clients or you have more than 25 niche websites, Host Gator is the best economic choice.

If you are experienced in building websites, I recommend you check out BlueHost. I don’t have any experience with HostExcellence or 1and1 so I can’t offer a credible recommendation for them.

Before you decide, take a look at my top recommendation for hosting and launching a WordPress website.

-6- How easy is it to move your website to a different host?

The time may come for you when you want additional services or you lose patience with your website host and you just have to move your websites to a different host.  Learning about how to move your website and what restrictions your website host may have is something you should explore before you make your final decision about which company you will entrust with the all important task of hosting your online business website.

 Launching Your Website With Little to No Cost

If you rely on outside sources that you do not know to help you build a website, you could be headed for trouble.  I know that from personal experience.

When I started out in online marketing, I was at an age where most companies were reluctant to hire a 50+ senior with a $100K salary expectation. After exploring all of my options I had the choice of accepting a job for which I was over qualified at minimum wage or launching my own business online.

I didn’t have the money to launch a brick and mortar business and I couldn’t get a high paying job. To say I was fearful is an understatement. With no money and no one to mentor me I felt my situation was hopeless.

In my desperation, I searched online and fell hook, line and sinker into a huge online marketing scam with a company called “Home Profit Systems”.  This company operates under many different names but their mode of operation is the same.

They get an inferior website hosting company with inferior website builders to put up a cheesy looking website with poor content and then hit you up for the help you need to turn your obscure website into a cash machine.  Sound familiar?

The website host for my content was BrainHost. Without understanding any of the criteria for selecting a good website host that I outlined above I ended up with a host that I would rate a “5” out of a “100” for website hosting.  My site was down every few days. I got nothing but canned responses from their non-existent tech support team. I had no training in how to add content to my website. And moving my website to a different host was a nightmare.

Plus, within days of launching my website with them, my email inbox was flooded with spam marketing offers. Lesson learned:  Avoid BrainHost like the plague!

Learning Everything You Need to Know About Launching Your Niche Website

Once you have decided on your niche, bought your domain name and decided on a website host, you are just a few minutes away from launching your website.  Of all the website hosts I’ve worked with, one company stands out for ease of launching a website.

When it comes to learning literally everything you need to know about launching your niche website with a website host that meets all of the six criteria I described above, my top recommendation is an online learning campus called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the vendor of choice for both experienced and novice website builders. When you’re just starting out and you don’t have any online marketing experience, you should limit your expense.  Also, you should limit your exposure to internet marketing scammers.  Wealthy Affiliate will help you do both things.

Ask Coach Rebecca-2 Free WebsitesWith Wealthy Affiliate, you can get hosting for  two websites  absolutely free and learn everything you need to know about launching and building a money making niche website.  You’ll get ten free lessons with your free account plus my 1-2-1 support to help you get off to a strong start.

After you get comfortable with website design and building, you can build up to 25 sites and host them for one low monthly fee of $47.  But until you get to that point, you can host 2 sites for free.

7 Reasons to Sign Up for a Free Account With Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Newbie Friendly
  2. Free Hosting for 2 Sites
  3. WordPress Optimized
  4. Secure Servers with Daily Backup Protection
  5. Excellent Learning Tutorials Including Video Training
  6. Supportive Community with Instant Chat and Q&A
  7. Enhanced Security for Website Safety

The Bottom Line

If you are new to internet marketing online business and you are following my start up training guide, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Read more about it here.

If you have significant experience with website development and you don’t need anyone to help you with step be step direction, BlueHost is an excellent choice for hosting your website.

If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch.

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For Your Success!

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