The Key To Life Success…It’s Not What You Think

Ask Coach Rebecca-Key to Life SuccessI don’t know how many times someone has come up to me at the end of a workshop and asked, “What is the key to life success?” If I could create and market a pill or a magic elixir called “Life Success” I would sell it and  put an end to world hunger.  But the key to life success is not for sale.  And, in my opinion, it’s not what you think it is.

How do I know that?  Well I’ve asked dozens of successful people that question.  I’ve asked nearly three hundred self-made millionaires the same question.

Some may tell you is all about what you think.  In other words, you can think yourself wealthy, you can think yourself happy and you can think yourself successful.   There is some truth of all of that. Books have been written on the subject of rich thinking. One of the most renowned proverbs says:

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

So yes, how we think is a big part of our life success.  If we think poor we will be poor.  If we think rich, we will be rich.  But if thinking was the only key to life success only people who are smart enough to think only what they want and are 100% persistent in their positive thinking would be successful. The movie, “The Secret” is all about positive thinking and attracting stuff you want just by thinking.   While The Secret is motivating, all people following the law of attraction are not succeeding in life. You can’t be persistent 100% of the time and just think your way and hum or chant your way to success.

You might think the key to life success is hard work.  I used to think that.  I know being diligent is important to life success. I was raised to work hard and keep my nose to the grindstone.  Later in life I found out there is “hard work” and “smart work”.  Hard work is working as a wage slave trading time for dollars.  Smart work is working for yourself leveraging existing structures.

You can leverage an existing structure by building an online business.  When you know how to put all of the elements of online business success together you can build a successful, money-making online business.  If having more money to spend or supplementing your income is your objective, building an online business is the way to go in today’s economy.

I am an online business success coach and I know how to help you build a million dollar online business but just having an online business is not the key to life success.

Developing an online business may be something that you choose as your pathway to wealth.  Many take that route because of the ease and frugality of using online tools to build a 24/7 business.  Even though it is easier and less expensive today to build an online business, 90% fail in their efforts which means building and online business is not the key to life success.

I really wish life success was really that easy.  Wouldn’t you like it if someone came along with a magic formula for success and all you had to do was follow the yellow brick road to payday?

Years ago when I had lost everything I worked hard to build in a painful divorce, I looked for an easy solution to my problems.  I needed a way to make money and I couldn’t get hired for a job because I was in the above fifty crowd.  I turned to the internet and jumped at every opportunity I could find.  A few thousand dollars later, I realized that the “Magic Money Creator” was just like the Wizard of Oz…it was a fake and it would not lead me to the life success I so desperately wanted.

The Life Success I Wanted Was Within Me

After hitting the wall and losing money that I could not afford to lose I finally crashed into a pathetic heap of nothingness.  It was from that state of humility that I cried out to God and settled myself down to listen to the still small voice inside me. I had no idea where that voice would lead me but I was desperate to overcome my life failures.

In the stillness from turmoil and chaos I found peace.  I found peace by listening to the deep voice of my inner being which led me to my true self–the identity that Father God had for me.Ask Coach Rebecca-Prayer

The key to life success for me came from uncovering my life purpose and saying yes to it’s calling. Interestingly, the very thing I wanted most to do in life is the thing I am called to do.

I am called to teach, inspire and empower others to find and fulfill their life calling.  That is why I coach.  That is why I write.  That is why I search for ways to help people succeed in life. Knowing my life purpose is my key to success in life.

Your Key to Life Success

The key to your life success is to search for and find your true calling and surrender to it.  Once you do that you simply have to be willing to say yes to it.  The key to your success in life is to search, surrender and relax.

I know this may go cross-wise with everything the world of success has taught you but the key to life success is found in one simple truth…surrender…let go…and let God guide you into your life purpose.  Once you uncover your life purpose and surrender to fulfilling your calling you will find the next step after step after step toward the path of your life success. When the time is right you will be given an entire set of keys to open the other doors that unfold in your path.

The practical steps after discovering your life purpose are easy. Locating a platform to launch your purpose, locating the tools you need and locating the people to help you birth your calling are just a few clicks away.

The spiritual steps to propelling your life success dream into reality are more challenging.  Along the way you will encounter dream thieves and time squashers.  You may find yourself slipping into a state of unworthiness and lack of self-confidence which will lead you to doubt yourself and doubt that your Father God loves you enough to support your efforts to fulfill your life purpose.

Your key to life success is within in you.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. If you gained value from this post please pay it forward by sharing it on your social networks.

I hope you know that I believe in you. Please feel free to send me an email with your questions.

For Your Success,

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