Three Essential Beliefs for Online Marketing Success

When it comes to online marketing success, there are what I know to be  Three Essential Beliefs. These three essential beliefs are not only crucial for online marketing success, they are crucial for any small business success.

After nearly a decade in online marketing, I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I can show you strategies that have worked for me and other successful online marketers. Things like how to use social media to engage with your audience and grow your online business, best ways to grow an email list and how to squeeze more profit out of your business model are easy to teach and demonstrate.

But you need more than the tools of the trade and great business strategies to succeed in online marketing. While I can teach you those things, I cannot effectively teach you to believe in yourself in order to achieve success.

What you believe is up to you. You control your most powerful asset–what you believe–the head inside your head.

Head Coach

Is the coach inside your head empowering you toward online marketing success?

I can teach you techniques and show you a model but cannot make you believe in yourself because what you believe about yourself is part of your inner being. Much like the processor in a computer, what you believe is controlled by your sub-conscious mind.

The coach inside your mind can either be empowering or dis-empowering.

The fact is what you believe about your success as an online marketer is as important as what you do to achieve success with online marketing. It is our sub-conscious mind that controls what we create from our beliefs and values.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” ~Napolean Hill

First of all I want you to know that I want you to succeed in your efforts with online marketing. One day I hope you will contact me and say, “Thanks! I made it in online marketing. I love my life and the work I do to help others.”

But, I hope I never hear from you, “Thanks, I made it but I lost my health, my soul and my family in the process.”

For some, that is the case. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

“It is what you believe, what you truly feel is real, how you view life and what you consider to be the truth about your life and the world that your subconscious mind creates.”

With the three beliefs that follow firmly in place, you will find it easier to succeed in the online marketing business.

Three Essential Beliefs I Rely Upon For Achieving Success in Online Marketing Internet Business

The First Essential Belief: I believe I know my target market intimately.

Knowing your target market requires more thought than deciding on a niche.

In order to succeed as an online marketer, you have to know how your target market thinks, what they need and what triggers their emotions to buy. You must know what words they use and what emotions they have.

The Second Essential Belief: I believe I am not alone; I am in business for myself but I am not in business by myself. Asking for help is smart.

You don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to be an expert in every subject in order to achieve success in online marketing.

My business thrives with a few core mentors that I can turn to time after time. The same is true for you.

The Third Essential Belief: I believe I have a great idea, a great product and a great service to offer that will positively impact people’s lives.

Once you know you have a great product or service to offer—one that positively solves problems for your target customer—all you need is a clear, easy-to-follow system for generating sales.

Now, go back and say each one of those core essential beliefs out loud. Notice how you feel as you say them.

Do you feel strong and confident about those beliefs or are you feeling a little skeptical? Like, “I wish that were true for me but I really need to see things turn around before I can really believe in success for myself.”

Skepticism is a normal reaction.  But in this case it will derail your success with online marketing.

Why These Three Beliefs are Important to Your Online Marketing Success

-1- Know Your Audience

Before you can deliver a speech, make a presentation or write content you must know your target audience. If you could literally step inside their minds and understand their fears and hopes, would you?

I hope you said, “Yes!” because this essential belief is the one you must have in order to create the right messages to attract your perfect customer.

Once you have attracted them, you will find it easier to convert them to paying customers. Half the battle is won when you can speak to your target customer like you do to a best friend that you’ve known for years.

The better you are at truly understanding your audience, the more it will boost your confidence in your ability as an online marketer.

And here is the frosting on the cake…

By understanding your target market intimately, your vision for the success of your business and what is really happening in it will align. You will find yourself aligning with what one of my mentors, Jay Abraham calls, “The Strategy of Pre-eminence” where you begin saying and doing everything in your power that is in the best interest of your customer.

-2- Find a Mentor You Can Trust

Most successful online business internet marketers are independent. Some would call us mavericks.

While it’s tempting to “go it alone”, it can also be a hindrance to success. Okay, I can almost hear you saying, “Well that’s why I chose self-employment. I don’t want a bossy boss looking over my shoulder.”

I get that. I love being self-employed. But I also know that sometimes I can feel isolated because I spend so much time by myself in front of a computer.

Self-employed entrepreneurs like you and me have the self-discipline to work alone and get stuff done. But early on, I recognized that I couldn’t possibly know everything I needed to become successful in the world of online marketing.

I searched out and selected a few top notch mentors that I felt connected to and made them my online mentors. I signed up for courses, read their blogs, listened in on tele-classes and podcasts, participated in their webinars and downloaded their eBooks.

Talk about a confidence booster—knowing who I could turn to for advice when I hit a bump in the road helped me to feel far less stress. Once I was able to quell my anguish over not knowing enough and feeling inadequate, I was able to conquer my fear of failure.

I was also able to make better decisions when it came to knowing how to allocate my resources. I stopped buying the latest shiny new thing to come along and I started to really understand internet marketing on a deeper level.

The same can happen for you.

I started with an online training program that helped me learn the basics of building a money-making website platform.

Along with that, I found several blogs and websites that helped me learn everything I needed to know about how to write quality content, how to drive targeted traffic, how to effectively use social media to create more sales and so on.

You can see my top ten website mentors to follow in this blog post.

-3- Implement a System

Businesses that experience a high level of success have systems in place to help them operate more efficiently with less cost. While you as a consumer may not see the system in place, you experience it as a buying experience.

Think about some of the business establishments you have frequented. The ones that offer a consistently pleasant experience for you are the ones that are systematized.

Regardless of the size or the age of your small business, the systems you need include marketing, sales, product creation and product delivery.

Think of a system like having a road map that makes it easy to get your both your message and your product into the hands of your customers. I like the acronym for system –Saving You Stress Time Energy and Money.

Systems help you simplify your business operations through automation. With a system in place, your online business practically runs itself. Saving time is what I love most about a fully automated online marketing system

With a system in place and you at the helm making decisions, your business operates more smoothly with less stress and less personal time.

That means you can scale your online business and grow it to the level of success you want.

Beliefs Shape the Actions You Take

More than anything, what you believe shapes the action you take. The actions you take create the results you get.

Let me ask you something. Are your online sales where you want them to be? Are you enjoying the kind of time away from work that you would like? Is your online business on track with your vision for success?

If not, could it be that you need to change what you believe about online marketing business success?

Look, I know change is scary. It’s really hard to break through your comfort zone into a new level of possibility.

But here’s the thing. You can start with one small change at a time. You can change what you believe. If what you are believing is helping you make progress toward your dream then absolutely, go for it.

But if it’s not, have the courage to examine your beliefs and adopt the beliefs that lead you to the success you want. It won’t be long before the new beliefs you adopt will guide you to the success you want to see.

It’s really more simple than you may presently think!

By changing your internal belief system you will see the results you want on the outside. Once you decide to adopt positive beliefs, you will begin taking action. By taking action you will feel more confident and more grounded.

That feeling of confidence will translate into more likes on your fan pages, more email subscribers, more audience engagement and more sales.

Nothing breeds success like success. Once you experience success you will find yourself striving for more success and you will be on your way.  All it takes is a willingness to drop the fear and embrace change.

I want that for you. That is the cry of my heart. I want more than anything to help you align your purpose and passion with your mission so that you can experience the joy of true wealth without stress.

Tell me more about your experience in the comment section below. Let me know about the system Ask Coach Rebecca-Got Questionsyou are using. What are you doing to engage your audience? Who are your mentors?

Feel free to ask your questions. I will answer them personally.

Please take time to like this post on Facebook so others can learn.

And above all, know this, you are not alone. I am here to help you whenever you need it.

Thanks for reading…

Coach Rebecca



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