Will You Succeed in Internet Marketing Online Business?

Four Factors For Internet Marketing Online Business Success

Four Factors For Internet Marketing Online Business Success

If you are reading this post it’s most likely because you want to succeed in internet marketing online business. Deep inside you want to be a success story.  You want your family and friends to share in your success.

People have lots of reasons for wanting to succeed in internet marketing online business. Your reason may be because you hate your dead end 9-5 job and need to find a way out before you go crazy.

Know Your “Why” For Wanting Internet Marketing Online Success

Behind every success story is a big “why” that motivated them.  Your why is your strong desire for success.  In truth, whatever it is that you strongly desire and vigorously pursue will inevitably become your reality.

“Whatever it is that you strongly desire and vigorously pursue will inevitably become your reality.” ~Coach Rebecca

I’m not the first one to embrace this principle. The principle of strong desire for success was recorded in ancient teachings and expounded upon by such masters as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Jim Rohn. And I know without a doubt that those I have coached to success in internet business online marketing all have had a strong motivation to succeed.

Maybe your why is you need extra income to pay for college tuition for your kids or yourself. Maybe you need to get out of debt, pay off your mortgage or supplement your retirement income.

If you are a woman like me who worked for years to build up a business and then lost it all in divorce or the death of a spouse, your why for wanting to succeed with an online marketing business could be survival.

When you’re left with nothing, you have to succeed or go on welfare. That was the case for J.K. Rowling the author of the Harry Potter Series and many like her whose desperation led them to success in a new venture.

One single mom I know, Jennifer, had herself and three young children to support after her husband walked off and left them with no child support.  Jennifer had to put food on the table. She couldn’t afford to get a job for minimum wage and pay for child care.

Jennifer picked the only reasonable option for a mother with her circumstances which turned out to be online marketing.

Jennifer built an online business by learning how to review and recommend products that she was already using.  She used her knowledge of shopping for bargains and value and her strong passion to help stay-at-home moms like herself to build a successful online business.

Within a year, Jennifer was pulling in enough to support herself and her family.  A few months later she added her own digital training program to her business and has since become a consistent $100,000 a year income earner from her effort.

Regardless of why you need to succeed with internet marketing online business, your reason is valid and the good news is with a smart training program and coaching you can succeed.

But before you start online marketing business and quit your job, I recommend you establish a few non-negotiable objectives and then think about a few obstacles that you need to consider.

Set Reasonable Objectives

Any venture you pursue whether it’s a plan to lose weight or a plan to create your dream lifestyle requires planning. Planning starts with a destination.

Think about where you want to go and how you want to get there.  For most people, that seems common sense but there is a scientific reason for why only 3% of the world population make and save enough money overtime to control over 80% of the wealth on earth.

Desire (motivation) is one factor and intense focus on goals and objectives is the second factor. For those of you who believe in “karma”, “fate” or “predestination”, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Interviews with thousands of self-made millionaires will prove that having a strong desire coupled with focused objectives and disciplined action resulted in financial success.

The strategy for success here is simple.  Before you start online marketing business, write down your “Big Why” and your non-negotiable objectives. Thinking that you can keep everything in your head is ridiculous.

Take an hour  or so to really think about what’s most important about success to you and what specifically you what to be, do and have. Set a deadline. Develop a plan. Implement your plan.

Internet Business Online Marketing Challenges to Success

Frustration Sign.While owning your own business is the top way to create wealth, more people fail in their online marketing attempts than succeed. The same is true for traditional brick and mortar businesses.

The failure rate in business is 9 out of 10. (Source SBA) I find that to be amazing in light of how much information and new technology is available today.  It seems to me that with all of the available information and all of the advances in technology there should be far more successes than failures.

So, I did some research.  I read books and scoured the internet. Then I interviewed nearly 300 self-made millionaires and several dozen online marketing hopefuls.

I came up with a list of 24 reasons why more people fail in internet marketing online business than succeed and then reasons why some go on to become a success story.

I’m not going to take up space with my gigantic list.  You can read the details on my Wealthy Affiliate Blog. But what I would like to address are what I consider to be the top 7 reasons why you could experience frustration with your online marketing business and then I will show you how to avoid failure with a few alternative success strategies.

-1- You haven’t clearly identified your niche. Not only have you not defined your “Big Why”, you haven’t nailed down your online marketing niche. What I mean by that is you haven’t found your sweet spot for making money with something that helps people solve a specific problem and clearly fits your passion.

-2- You’re just another blog about food, pets, relationships, making money, etc. In other words, in the mind of a website viewer, you’re just like all the rest of the blog sites in the internet universe. You don’t stand out among the competitors in your target market. You need help with image and branding.

-3- You offer information on your website that is inaccurate, outdated or unsubstantiated. Success with online marketing is a form of relationship marketing.  Your work as an online business entrepreneur is to build credibility and trust with your readers. Inaccurate information signals unreliability. You most likely need help with your website content.

-4- Your website design and structure is weak and unorganized. Times are changing.  People today are looking for innovative, mobile friendly websites with designs and features that are both attractive and functional. In order to compete you need a  functional website design that is easy to access on all mobile devices and you need to take full advantage of the many online tools available to website developers.

-5- You fail to create links to and from your site with social media and authority sites. When it comes to creating free organic social traffic, think of social media sites as a gift handed to you on a silver platter.  If you are not getting targeted traffic to your website, it could be because you are not taking full advantage of the power of social media.

-6- You have a failure mindset. You may have all of the technical features in place for building a successful internet marketing online business.  It could be that you have a great niche, an excellent website design and you have a strong work ethic. But if deep down you believe that you are not worthy of making the kind of money you need to support your lifestyle, you will always fall short of your money goals.

-7- You need coaching. Each one of the above obstacles to online marketing success is easy to overcome but logic says, “You can’t possibly know what you don’t know.” The challenge with many novice and mid-term online business entrepreneurs is overcoming the knowledge gap.

How can you possibly know what you need to succeed with an internet marketing online business until you hit the wall and get stuck? How can you understand how to put together an automated system of building a successful online marketing business if you don’t know what tools to use and what applications to install?

Online business coaching will help you with the knowledge gap and, it will help you to overcome any mindset issues you may have that are blocking your success.

7 Online Marketing Success Strategies

Okay so assuming you know your “Big Why” and you have clearly identified your objectives, what are the strategies you need to succeed in online marketing?

Obviously, you first need to have a functional website that can be accessed by all mobile devices.

Next you need to implement a few ongoing success strategies.

-1- Start by choosing an evergreen niche that fits with your interest, experience and passion.  Build your website business up to a minimum acceptable level of consistent monthly income before adding other niche websites. Your acceptable level could be anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per month.

-2- Build your online brand. To succeed in internet marketing online business you have to create a brand and become known for the unique way you present information. Online business developers who create a brand find it easier to expand their online business into multiple streams of income.

-3- Commit to content development that is target market oriented, accurate and current. Develop a content marketing plan for your website.

-4- Design your website on a theme that is flexible, mobile responsive, easy to navigate and easy to expand.

-5– Implement a Social Media Marketing Plan. Create links to and from your online business website from appropriate social media sites.

-6- Commit an hour each day to personal development. Examine your internal belief system and commit time each day to reviewing your objectives and internalizing positive success affirmations.

-7- Expand your net work of success by committing to learning, skill development and engaging a coach or mentor.

For Your Success!

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