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Celebrate yourself with me today…Dear Woman, you are amazing! Go ahead, say it with me out loud, “I AM amazing.  I Am!” You are so wonderfully and awesomely made. The way you are created makes you destined for accomplishing great things in your life.

Now before you have a chance to say, “Who me? I’ve never done anything remarkable in my life”, let me explain just why you are  amazing. You are a three-part being living in four realms at the same time. Here’s a simple illustration.

Brain researchers tell us that we have a conscious and a sub-conscious mind. Our sub-conscious mind controls up to 90% of our behaviors. Whether we are aware of it or not, our sub-conscious mind is responsible for most of what we think and do. In reality, the invisible part of you is influencing the visible.  And that invisible part of you is amazing.

In Biblical terms, you are a three-part being.  You have a spirit that influences both your soul (mind, will and emotions) and your physical body. Your spirit is the part of you that connects directly with God through faith and belief.

Tap Into Your I Am Dimension

Here’s an example of how it works.  When we look at a tree what we see on the outside are the branches, leaves and fruit of the tree. What is invisible is the seed that created the tree and the root system underground; but the invisible part of the tree is producing the visible part that we see.

Much like a tree, people are made up of different dimensions. We actually live in four different realms at the same time. We live in a body. We have a mind and emotions and yet we are connected in a deeper way through our spiritual dimension. We think. We feel. We believe. We act.

Our believing dimension is who we are. Put another way, with my intelligence or mental sense, “I think” and decide. With my emotional sense, “I feel”. But, with my spiritual unconscious sense, “I dream”, “I believe” and, “I Am”.

The two most important words in defining our personal identity are, “I Am.” Our sense of self-worthiness is defined by the creative “I Am.” Your dreams, visions and intuitions come from your “I Am” dimension. I am not just the flesh you see on the outside of my skeleton. I am a spiritual being connected to the physical world with my body and mind.

Both creativity and the deep desire to prosper reside in your deeper “I Am” dimension. Your “I Am” dimension is what you believe to be true.  It is the essence of your being and it is where the spirit of abundance resides. Your thoughts come from what you believe, feel and perceive. Your actions come from your thoughts and feelings. The diagram below illustrates this concept.

Your believing "I Am" dimension defines your true self.

Your believing “I Am” dimension defines your true self.

More than anything, your belief system defines who you are. If I truly believe “I am financially abundant”, I will become financially abundant and be able to share my wealth. If on the other hand I believe, “I am destined for poverty”, I will surely be poor. In essence, “I Am” whomever I truly believe I am. In other words, whatever you do and achieve comes from what you think about yourself.

That is why developing an abundance mentality is crucial to your quest for ultimate financial freedom. Before you can acquire more money, you must believe there is an abundant flow of money waiting to come to you just as there is an abundant flow of rain and snow to replenish the needs of the earth.

Your Powerful Three Inner Dimensions

Our three inner dimensions are continually working within us to influence our behaviors. With our intellect we learn, process information and make choices. We reason and analyze with our mind. We set goals with our mind.

It follows then that in order to achieve a goal or vision set by your mind, your feelings about the vision and your belief about the possibility of achieving that vision have to line up and be congruent. If you set a goal to expand your income, you must first expand positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself. I want to encourage you to think constantly that you are a person of unlimited possibilities.  Look at yourself in the mirror today and say, “Woman you ARE amazing!”

But, in truth, many people don’t follow through to make their dreams a reality. That’s because the other two dimensions are also at work within each of us. The invisible is influencing the visible.

The emotional part of us gives us sensations of happiness, sadness, fear or anger. How you deal with your emotions is often the deciding factor in whether or not you accomplish your dreams. You may start out each year with the best of intentions. You set new goals but when you don’t get the results you want quickly, you feel depressed and quit before achieving the goal.

Your inner world controls the results you see in your outer world.

Sales experts tell us that 80% of all buying decisions are emotional. Logic may say one thing but eventually our feelings win out and we end up buying something that we don’t really need. Sometimes we buy things just because it makes us feel good or maybe we were bored. It’s like eating things that we know are not good for us and then kicking ourselves for having no willpower.

Our conscious thoughts, feelings and emotions are propelled by something much deeper than will power. They are propelled by the invisible dimension of “I Believe”. The spiritual dimension within us is where our belief and value systems reside. Our beliefs, values, passion, purpose and perceptions are all part of our spiritual dimension. They are the invisible influences within us. They steer us toward or away from our goals.

Your spiritual dimension—what you believe—is powerful enough to either sabotage or support your feelings and your intellect. In fact, psychologists tell us that our sense of worthiness is largely responsible for our failure or success in life. Some people feel worthy to receive abundance and they reach out and take it. Others do not feel the same. Developing a positive self-worth is essential to lifetime financial security because in reality, your inner world controls the results you see in your outer world. Please grab that thought. It is powerful.

What Do You Believe About Yourself?

Let me ask you a question…what do you truly BELIEVE about yourself? What truth are you living? I believe you are amazing.  I believe you are powerful.  I believe you are sensational. I believe you are spectacular! What do you believe about yourself?

Here is a video about just how amazing women are.  It’s called, “Live Your Calling”.  I chose it because I believe you can do, be and have anything you choose in life. It’s a matter of following your calling…living out your truth and believing in yourself. I hope you enjoy it.  Please leave your comments in the space below and feel free to like this post on Facebook and share it with your friends.

I believe in you!

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